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eBay is the world's online marketplace: a place for buyers and sellers to come together and buy or sell almost anything! We're a pioneering platform company that enables commerce via Web and Mobile device enabled solutions. We have 157 million active buyers, 800 million listings and had $83 billion in sales last year.

Interested in OpenStack? Docker? Kubernetes? How about storage or SDN? Linux kernel tuning? Why not real-time anomaly detection? Security? Highly scalable frameworks? Continuous delivery? We've got hard problems to solve in each of these areas and more in our locations in San Jose and Shanghai. Come join us. Simply send us a message with a contact number or find a listing below and apply.

Here are some reasons why you might like to join the team at eBay:
  • We pick technologies and architectures carefully and thoughtfully. But when we pick something, we work wide and deep to learn, iterate, and scale it to create value for the business.
  • We do not settle. We continue to iterate our infrastructure, platforms and services, and are never afraid to change the way we do things. For instance, we've just started yet another major overhaul of several large platforms in our team.
  • Our systems are large scale. You will never have to worry about not having customers to use your work.
  • We do not believe in top-down technical decisions. Every member of our team has the power and responsibility to bring in new ideas, socialize, market them, and take those ideas to fruition.
  • We believe in open source and open interfaces, not because we think all open source is readily scalable for our business, but because we want our platforms to remain stable for the business, while giving us the flexibility to continually innovate behind open interfaces. You will have the opportunity to not just contribute to open source, but make your contributions scale and work for one of the largest global market places on the planet.
  • There's a lot more. Check out this video to hear more about what we've done in recent years, and what we are planning to do in the coming years.

We need your help!

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